about us

We are a charity foundation located at Mukuru kwa Njenga, Reuben opp Ricky road behind General Motors off Mombasa road

our history

Smart Charity Foundation is non-governmental non-profit making organization registered under Registrar of societies Act (Cap 108).

Smart Charity Foundation was founded by persons who live in Mukuru Kwa Njenga and Mukuru Kwa Reuben Slums. There are life challenging occurrences which hinder many persons and families from providing the basic needs such food, education, good health, clothing and job security. Founders are witnesses of evils going around in the slums due to above desperate conditions and hence many dwellers including young people, women, men and even children involving themselves in crime activities such as theft, prostitution and drugs. There had to be a way to curb these vices which had to come even from a small start.

our vision

touching people's lives

our mission

To reach out to the needy within our locality by sharing in a view to transform their lives.

our objectives

1.To promote the general welfare of our members in the society for a better living of day to day life.

2.To provide food and clothing to the vulnerable in the society.

3.To assist vulnerable parents to be able to cater for their families and provide dignified life.

4.To operate with the laws of the land and ensure the welfare of our people and promote good relationship between the government and the foundation.

5.To affiliate with other organisation with the same objective both local and international.

6.To undertake any other objective that may be for the general good of the community.